Moon Goddess

Price €65.00
2 Piece Moon Goddess, includes glitter dress with pleated shimmer and sheer star sash, attached jeweled star accent, and matching headband.

Sun Goddess

Price €65.00
3 Piece Sun Goddess, include lame keyhole romper with pleated shimmer skirt and sequin panel front, wrist cuffs, and headband.

Queen Cleopatra

Price €67.95
3 Piece Queen Cleopatra costume, includes sequin trimmed dress with shimmer pleated skirt, cascading chiffon sequin arm cuffs, and matching beaded...

Golden Gladiator

Price €74.95
4 Piece Golden Gladiator costume, includes bodysuit with attached cross body harness and asymmetrical shimmer high/low skirt, panel belt, arm...


Price €94.95
3 Piece Medusa, includes gold shimmer catsuit with attached cuffs, side slit snake print dress and snake head Piece .